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Auteur Sujet: Interdire le Festival Currunao au Pérou  (Lu 1938 fois)

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Interdire le Festival Currunao au Pérou
« le: 13 septembre 2013, 14:46:32 »

Merci d'envoyer cette lettre pour protester contre une fête au pérou qui consiste à massacrer les chats pour les manger !!!
N'oubliez pas vos coordonnées effacez seulement les adresses mail et au-dessus.
Merci de faire suivre.
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Dear Madames and Sirs:
I am writing to express my vehement opposition to the cat consumption "festival" that takes place every September
19-21 in "La Quebrada" San Luis de Canete, Peru. This horrific spectacle (referred to as the festival "Curruñao") which entails the torture and murder of cats and kittens for human consumption each year by tourists and locals in homage to the virgin "Iphigenia" is in direct violation of Peruvian animal welfare law and has brought great shame upon your nation.

The cats consumed are first tortured and mutilated previous to their death as according to participants and advocates of this brutality the flesh of an animal who suffers prior to its killing serves as an "aphrodesiac" upon consumption. Thus, the cats are killed in the most barbaric of methods, including drowning, burning, beating, stomping, skinning alive and beheading. In one photo a kitten is seen tied to a post by a harness as firecrackers are lit beneath her; children are shown in the background of this photo, witnessing the horror at this event, holding their ears to protect against the sound.

Paulino Antezana Urbinano, the current mayor of San Luis Delia Victoria Solorzano Carrion and national and regional authorities to date have not moved to actively prohibit the torture and consumption of cats in this festival. In fact, reports clain that authorities find the torture and killing of cats during this horrifying "celebration" amusing! The decision of local leadership to turn a blind eye to the cruelty and barbarity of this barbaric event not only blatantly violates Animal Protection Act No. 27265, but exposes the public to health risks associated with the eating of domesticated animals who are subject to disease.

Many participants advocate for the protection of this unholy event claiming that this so-called "festival" is based on "tradition." It is absolutely false that the practice of torturing and killing cats is a "tradition" in this region, as there are no African communities in the Americas that eat cats.Even if there were such a practice, the event would still be unethical and violate Peruvian animal welfare laws! The idea to kill cats for consumption does not in fact historically originate from a community of African survivors, but from a demagogic politician of the 90s named Jorge Brignole Santolalla, former mayor of Cañete, who worked to curry favor with the community of Cañetana. Votes and greed are at the bottom of this cruel and demonic "festival."

The good name of your nation is shamed when support is given to a spectacle that celebrates and advocates the torture and abuse of any animal for any reason. Take leadership and exercise your authority to support Peruvian laws advocating for the protection of all species of domestic animals against any act of cruelty caused or permitted by man, directly or indirectly that causes them unnecessary suffering, injury or death, particularly in the case of cats tortured and consumed during this bloody, shameful event.

DO NOT AUTHORIZE requests that the festival "Curruñao" take place this year or any year forthcoming. Prohibit the practice of cat torture and killing under any circumstance for any reason. Impose appropriate sanctions against those who attempt to carry out, sponsor and / or promote the barbaric killing of cats in this and any other locale under your jurisdiction in Peru.